Elin Pehrsson

Healer, life coach, author & bookpublisher

Elin Pehrsson

I am an entrepreneur who loves to have many projects in the air at the same time. Today I work as a writer, publisher, holistic life coach, healer, trainer and inspirer. 

Greece - my "soul home" - has a big place in my heart. It is a great source of inspiration for my writing but it is also where I want to take people on retreats to heal, grow and enjoy.

My background

I have always had a great interest in writing since I was a child. As well as personal development, philosophy and spirituality - something I discovered at the age of twelve.

In the autumn of 2017, I was close to exhaustion, but I was quick to take my body and soul's signals seriously. This is how I came into contact with Reiki healing for the first time. Regular healing sessions together with counselling with a skilled therapist, combined with daily meditation, changed my life!

It was my own journey back from stress and anxiety that led me to want to help other people feel better and evolve. So two years later (2019) I started my company Power Within.

I am curious and love to learn new things, so I have studied a lot over the years. I have attended programmes and courses in journalism, writing, literature and novel writing. In health, I have training as an organic diet and nutrition counsellor, holistic life coach and Reiki healer. I have also taken courses in media development/mediumship, energy awareness/healing, massage and movement.

Live life & follow your dreams

Living life and following your dreams has always been my motto and what drives me forward. My biggest dream - to become a writer - came true when I made my debut as an author in August 2022 with the fiction book Eternal search, the first instalment in the Eternity series.

Eternal search is a heartwarming story of spiritual love that never dies and how past life experiences can affect our lives and relationships today. The book is published by the spiritual publishing house PW Publishing - founded in 2022 by me and where I work as a publisher.

My philosophy & my way of working

When you have symptoms - pain, poor sleep, stress, headaches, various mental and emotional conditions, and more - either in body, mind and/or spirit, it is a signal to you that something is out of balance.

My goal is to help you find your way back to balance and harmony - where you experience happiness and well-being. So in all my sessions and treatments I work with the whole you - body, mind and spirit.

I want to inspire and help people to a healing of both body and mind but also to a greater awareness, personal development and spiritual growth.

After a few years of work, I have developed my very own way of working, much of which is based on the body's chakra system, whether it is individual sessions or courses in personal and spiritual development.

I also use my intuition as a tool to help you with exactly what you need, hence no treatment/session is ever the same.

The importane of raising your energy

I know that the law of attraction - that our exterior is a reflection of our interior - works. By choosing a positive attitude, we can bring more positivity into our lives.

But it is also important to be in your feelings. Always being positive and thus suppressing less positive feelings is not right. First, we must allow ourselves to FEEL all emotions.

A feeling is an energy. An energy that we must allow to flow through our entire body and then release it - by talking, shouting, crying, laughing, breathing. When we release our trapped emotions, we often release blockages and get a better flow of energy in our energy system, which affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. When we allow ourselves to feel all the emotions and release what is needed, we can then choose our thoughts.

But something important to remember - if our energy is low (we feel depressed, sick, low) it will be difficult to change negative thoughts into positive ones. From experience, I have found that the first thing we should do is to raise our energy because then it will be easier to adopt a more positive attitude.

How do we raise our energy? Well, there are several ways. We get energy from certain basic things such as food, sleep, exercise, the sun and nature. So making sure these areas are catered for can be a first step. We are energised by doing things we enjoy or being with those we enjoy, which is why it's so important to bring lots of joy into our lives. Yoga, meditation, healing and other energy exercises also help to boost our energy.

Want to be a source of inspiration

I am constantly looking for the next dream and adventure! Right now I'm living in a camper van and enjoying the freedom of soon travelling around more southern latitudes while writing books and working as a healer, holistic life coach and holding courses/retreats in personal and spiritual development.

I want to inspire people to dare to believe in themselves, follow their hearts and realise their dreams. I am convinced that every person has enormous potential and that with our inner strength we can create the life we want!


Elin Pehrsson

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