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PW Publishing is a book publisher that focuses on books with content that comes from the heart of the author - which in turn touches, inspires and entertains the reader.
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PW Publishing is a publishing house that believes that every person has their own truth and guidance in their heart. That we are powerful and with that inner power we can turn our dreams into reality. PW stands for Power Within - our inner power.

Through our books, we aim to spread love, hope, awareness, and wisdom. To awaken curiosity and bring joy. We want to inspire people to listen to their inner guidance, follow their hearts, and dare to walk their own path.


We are a publishing house founded in 2022 by Elin Pehrsson.

Elin has a deep passion for the written word, personal development, and spirituality. She is an entrepreneur at heart, someone who thrives on juggling many projects simultaneously. Pursuing her dreams has always been a motivating and driving force for her. Her biggest dream has been to become an author. In August 2022, she made her debut with her first book, "Odödligt sökande," which is the first part of the Eternity series. It was during the process of publishing her own work that the idea for PW PUBLISHING was born. Odödligt sökande, som är första delen i Eternity-serien. Det var i samband med hennes egen utgivning som idén till PW Publishing föddes.

In addition to Elin's passion for storytelling and writing, she has also studied writing at Folkuniversitet, journalistic writing at Skrivarakademin, literature and creative writing at Mittuniversitet, and the novel writing program at Färnebo folkhögskola.


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