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In the company Power Within Concept, Elin & Mikael combine their knowledge to help people in the best possible way.

Power Within Concept


Awaken the power within you and unlock your true potential! Every person has unique abilities and strengths within them, waiting to be unleashed.

We want to help people connect with their inner guidance to achieve their life goals and live their best life.

Our concept - Power Within Concept - is based on the fact that everything you need is already within you. With our services we support you on your journey towards harmony and balance for body, mind and spirit.

Elin Pehrsson Power Within Concept

Elin Pehrsson

Författare, Healer & Life Coach

Elin förverkligande sin stora dröm om att bli författare när hon 2022 debuterade med sin bok Odödligt sökande som gavs ut på hennes andliga förlag PW Publishing, där hon arbetar som bokförläggare.

In addition to writing, she is passionate about helping people connect with their inner self and evolve through healing, meditation and counselling. Her interest in personal development and spirituality has been with her since she was a child.

Living life and following her dreams has always been Elin's motto and this is what drives her forward, along with her belief that anything is possible.

She offers healing, healing massage, past life healing, psychic guidance and life coaching.

Mikael Dabrowski Power Within Concept

Mikael Dabrowski

Holistic Health Therapist in Biomedicine

Mikael has a background in extreme sports as a professional kite surfer, but felt a strong calling to help people and animals. His interest in spirituality has been with him since childhood.

After his studies in Biomedicine, he has worked with sports injuries, massage, red light therapy, meditation, yoga and coaching.

Mikael's interest in healing and linking spirituality and science led him to quantum physics. Today he works with frequency therapy through advanced quantum programs that can, for example, remotely analyse a person's energy system and then balance out imbalances. 

He offers frequency therapy, sports massage, red light therapy, meditation, yoga and coaching.


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Vi arrangerar kurser och retreat på olika platser och även på förfrågan. För att hålla dig uppdaterad om kommande event så klicka HÄR.

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