Mikael Dabrowski

Healer, sports injury specialist, extremesports athlete and life coach

I am Mikael Dabrowski - a holistic therapist, surfer, former professional kite surfer and have lifelong experience in martial arts. My ancestral roots are from Warsaw, Poland, but I was born and raised on the west coast of Sweden. 

After many years of travelling and exploring the world as a professional kitesurfer, I graduated in Biomedicine Physical Training from Halmstad University.

Now I dedicate my life to living a simple, active and happy life. My highest passion in life is to help other people and animals find the way to harmony, health and happiness, feel better and live a long healthy life.

I am also a black belt in ITF Taekwon-do and IKO Level 2 instructor in kitesurfing.

I offer frequency therapy, healing, sports massage, deep tissue massage, tendon attachment therapy and red light therapy. I specialise in injury rehabilitation and sports injuries and have helped national team and elite athletes all over the world. I also offer yoga classes, meditation, life coaching and personal training.

My background

I remember I first started skateboarding when I was 4 years old. I received a "old school" skateboard from my family in the USA.

I grew up in Kungsbacka, a town near the sea south of Gothenburg, in a family with a father, older brother and sister, and a mother who has a great interest in stars, astrology, the cosmos and alternative healing methods.  

I started meditating and reading spiritual books already at the age of 9. In my meditations I would always imagine a warm beach with palm trees on a sunny day and feel the wind in my hair. I would always smile at that thought, even though I had no "real" memories of such a place.

My brother Peter and sister Anna are much older than me (14 and 11 years older respectively), so I looked up to them a lot.

I remember feeling very deeply and being very sensitive for as long as I can remember, and I have always felt in my heart that there is something more to this world than just "living and then dying".

At the age of 11, I started training Taekwon-do, which quickly took my inner journey to new heights. 


One summer day, I saw people in white suits similar to the ones you see in karate films training outdoors. I could see that they were very focused and committed to what they were doing.

I had just started reading Dragon Ball (a Japanese anime with alien humans who have super powers in martial arts) and was totally hooked, so I went straight to them, very curious, and asked if I could somehow join them and do whatever they were doing. I just felt it was for me. Luckily for me, a new beginners' group was starting the very next week.

I went to every training session and entered every competition there was until I got my black belt! 

The sport was perfect for me, it was philosophy of life mixed with self-control, Taekwon-do is Korean self-defence and the word "Taekwon-do," means (tae=foot, kwon=hand and do=lifestyle, way of life).

I fell deeply in love with the sport. Compared to football and team sports that I had tried before where you just blamed each other all the time, now everything had to do with me and my own performance. There was no one to blame. If they went well it was because I trained hard, if they went badly I didn't train hard enough. My coach was very wise and always said when we did push-ups - if you cheat, you cheat only for yourself and no one else!

I was no longer dependent on others to do their best; only I had to show up and do it! 

With much focus on the inner world and the body, mind and soul, I began to discover what was going on inside me. My nervous system was very fast, and it took me many years to realise that I was more sensitive than many others.

I started competing in the fighting discipline after one year, at the age of 12, and came second in my first competition, I won several championships and usually "at worst" came in the top 2. So gold or silver was not something I expected as proof of the hard training I was doing in the sport.

On 19 December 2007, I finally got my black belt in Taekwon-do, which is still a big part of my life today. The experience is something I breathe and carry with me every day, everywhere I go. Becoming a black belt in Taekwon-do is a lifelong experience, and I have also trained in other martial arts to deepen my knowledge.

I then switched to Thai boxing (Muay Thai) and trained in Gothenburg with an elite group and then lived in Thailand for a winter and devoted myself entirely to Muay Thai. I also trained with Shaolin monks, and practised capoeira on the beaches.


At the beginning of 2008 I met a new friend, first year of high school. He was very funny, quite crazy and claimed that he could fly 10 metres in the air while doing several flips and rotations in the air. I thought he was making it all up and said to him: "You have a very good imagination, don't you?" He smiled and just replied: "Come with me on Thursday and you'll see for yourself!"

After school that day, we went by bus, just 20 minutes south of Kungsbacka, to a beach that would soon become a very big part of my life - Rågelund.

At first, it looked like big birds flying in the sky, but as we approached the beach, I saw it. There were people out there attached to the big birds and it looked like they were floating on the water with magic carpets or something! Their big smiles were visible for miles and they looked SO free as they travelled along the surface of the ocean. And yes, they were flying high, high up in the air. It only took me a few seconds to decide - I have to learn this, and it's NOW!  

When I was informed what kite equipment actually costs, it came as a shock. But I had made up my mind. I sold everything I could get rid of and my parents said I could sell my moped and buy a kite with the money. So the next week I bought my first kite, a 12 m2 Naish Boxer SLE 2007. I borrowed the board from my friend's dad until I had the money to buy my own.

Carefully checking the wind forecast several times a day was now standard and we spent every windy minute kitesurfing for several hours, often until we had cramps in every muscle. Sometimes someone would suddenly get a leg cramp at the dinner table in the evening and we would laugh and help each other up again.

After a few months, a man came up to me on the beach. He introduced himself and said: "Hey kid, I really like your style and attitude on and off the water, would you like to join my kiting team?" I stood there like a big question mark and just said: "But I'm not that good, I just started kitesurfing?" He was confident: "I believe in you, I want you in my team!"

I was totally sold on kitesurfing! After graduating, we bought a one-way ticket to Rhodes, in Greece. We had heard a rumour that there is a hidden kitesurfing paradise in the south of the island where surfers live in tents on the beach and surf all day.

For the next eight years I spent the entire summer living simply in a tent on Prasonisi beach in Rhodes.

The conditions there in summer are absolutely perfect for freestyle kitesurfing with thermal strong winds blowing pretty much every day. In addition daily sun, heat, good food and many professionals from all over the world all doing what we love the most.

We were all gathered there for one reason - to focus on one thing, live and breathe it - Kiteboarding100%.

This was in the days before smartphones, so if we wanted to be in touch with the outside world, we went to the restaurant to buy internet for 15 minutes. Otherwise, the grocery store took care of our passports and wallets during our stay. We wrote down everything we bought on a bill that we paid before travelling home. They also gave us access to the fridge and bathroom. So we really didn't have to think about anything other than living in the moment.

Because it's a nature reserve in the middle of nowhere, the starry sky there is extraordinary. You can clearly see the entire Milky Way and seeing over 50 shooting stars in one evening is not uncommon at Prasonisi.

Professional kiteboarding

In autumn 2010 I started studying psychology at university, it was exciting but not very challenging. After 2 months I received an email that changed everything. I was screaming and jumping and dancing at the same time. It felt like my life was now resolved in every way for a period of time! I was welcome to join an international kiteboarding team (Blade Kiteboarding) and get a professional contract.

My biggest dream had come true, and I am and will always be eternally grateful to Blade for believing in me and for the years I got to live my dream as a professional kitesurfer. It was not so difficult to drop out of college, they had to wait a few more years.

I had 4 amazing years ahead of me travelling around the world to countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Norway, USA and Australia. While getting paid to do what I love most. Kitesurfing, competing in the Swedish Championships, the Asian Tour and the World Cup, creating videos and pictures and being in pictures and reports in the big kite magazines I had dreamed of being in one day.


I want to give a big thanks to my sponsors along the way and all those who have supported me along the way (Blade Kiteboarding, Aboards, Axis, Earphones, Beats By Dre, Urge, Kiteskolen.no & Vooray and others).  


When I came home to Sweden from Australia in 2014, I felt that something was really missing in my life. I was getting tired of living in a suitcase and always being on the go. While I had seen a lot of amazing things, I had also seen a lot of hard things. People living in extreme conditions, especially small children living dirty on the streets of the Philippines had touched me deeply in my mind. Why did I have it so great and could just do what I want in principle while others could not, barely surviving? I needed a greater purpose. But what was it?

Thanks to my good grades from high school, I got into the only programme that I found interesting and challenging, Biomedicine - Physical Training at Halmstad University. Many of my surfing friends thought I was joking when I told them about it. It was a big adjustment to go from just having to adapt the day to when the wind is best for surfing, to now getting up at 06.00 in the morning, going to lectures and after studying at the library to get home at 22.00 in the evening.

The first few weeks I had great difficulties when the autumn, darkness and cold made themselves known, knowing that the next day I could be in a tropical paradise kitesurfing, but I had decided to give it at least two months and then decide. In the first lesson, when the teacher immediately started drawing atoms, molecules and chemical reactions we should know by the end of the week, I almost panicked, I just wanted to run out of the classroom. But I had promised myself to give it two months, so I stayed.

After a month, I realized that biomedicine was perfect for me. I was so dedicated to learning everything I could about the human body that it didn't matter that it was cold and dark. I loved it, and I wanted to know absolutely everything.  

I'm the kind of person who gives their all when they get into something, so on my first exams in Nutrition and Anatomy, I scored 85/85 and 99/100 points. To my advantage, the university was located by the sea, so I could still make my way to the nearest beach and go kitesurfing whenever I had the chance on windy days. I even did it in the middle of winter when it was freezing.

In the summer of 2017, I finally obtained my bachelor's degree, and I decided to move to Ericeira, Portugal. There, I opened my own business, "Sports Massage Ericeira," where I treated over 1000 clients until the spring of 2021 when I chose to commute between Spain and Sweden for a while.

In recent years, I have delved into frequency medicine and alternative natural treatment methods and can work with clients from all over the world remotely.

My biggest dream is to have a healing center where people and animals can come to recover and simply be in a place somewhere sunny and by the sea.

If you want to know more about me, please feel free to contact me, or say hi if you see me in the water. 🙂🙂

Thank you for reading! All the best to you, and may all your wishes come true!

Mikael Dabrowski 


Mikael Dabrowski

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