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A podcast to guide you on your spiritual and personal development journey - Power Within Podcast

Power Within Podcast


Elin Pehrsson and Mikael Dabrowski dive into topics such as personal development, self-awareness, spirituality and the inner journey towards reaching your full potential and becoming your best self.

In our modern hectic society, it is easy to lose touch with our inner selves, but by giving ourselves time to explore spirituality, we can experience deeper meaning in our lives and more joy and harmony.

In the Power Within Podcast we dive into topics such as meditation, energy healing, past lives, intuition, spiritual leadership and much more

Each episode offers different inspiring conversations in the field of personal development and spirituality.

Here we take a step beyond the material and endeavour to understand our place in life here on earth from a higher perspective.

Welcome to a podcast where we combine spirituality and everyday life, a platform for personal and spiritual development!

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